August 16, 2022



Bridal Undergarments – The Unseen Support Team

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When we think of bridal undergarments, we usually don’t go further than the frilly blue garter, which will be tossed across the room as a souvenir for one of the wedding guests. But The LOFT Bridal undergarments are invisible, secretly creating a perfect figure for you and a perfect frame for your dress.

Remember Pippa Middleton’s famous appearance as bridesmaid to her sister Kate, Duchess of Cambridge? While men all over the world assumed Pippa wore nothing under her slender fitted gown, women speculated on Spanx, corsets, tummy tuckers and slips. Only well-chosen undergarments can give the illusion of nothing underneath a close-fitting dress with such clean lines and perfect flow. Once you have chosen your dress, start experimenting with the right underwear to give your gown the perfect silhouette.

The Five Golden Rules for Creating the Perfect Silhouette

1. You Can Breathe

You might believe that simply cramming your waist Into the smallest possible space is enough to create the perfect figure. The problem is you will be breathless and uncomfortable. And if the support garment doesn’t maintain its grip around your waist, you will have a straining bodice.

2. No Bulges

If you are planning a strapless gown, make sure your bra doesn’t create bulges at the top of the bodice. Your bra strap should be firm but not tight so your bust has a natural soft line and your back is smooth and straight. Support underwear, such as Spanx, can prevent “home-grown” tummy bulges and create a clean body line under your dress.

3. No Peeking

You’ve spent so much time and money choosing the perfect wedding dress and now all your friends and family are gazing at you. You don’t want them distracted by a stray strap creeping up at the back of your dress or chafing your shoulder. Nor do guests need to see the outline of your support knickers through your sheath dress. Adhesive bras will minimise the risk of straps and cups peeking out to spoil the show; or you might find a bustler gives you the same support as a corset, without crowding over your dress. A satin slip under a sheath will create some privacy for support garments, while giving that “naked underneath” illusion.

4. No Snagging

Probably nobody will see your panty-hose or stockings under your gown, but a huge hole in your tights will detract from your personal feeling of glamour and elegance. Choose high-quality hosiery that won’t snag or ladder easily; as an extra precaution, stash a few spares with your bridesmaid.

5. Wear A Slip Or Petticoat

Whatever style of gown you choose, a slip or petticoat is essential to give the dress its classic line, thereby giving you the right support to wear the dress beautifully. A ball gown needs a proper support petticoat to achieve the swaying bell-shape you desire. You can achieve this with a foundational mini-skirt, like a tulle ballet skirt, to help the skirt flare out. Your A-line gown will also benefit from a support petticoat, depending on how you want the skirt to fall. You might wish for the skirt to be fuller at the back, creating a train or you might want a similar bell shape as the ball gown.

The wedding dress hong kong and the sheath both need satin slips underneath to accentuate the straight flow of the gown. The slips will also prevent static and will stop your gown wrapping awkwardly around your legs as you walk.

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