August 13, 2022



Company Dinner Event Planning Should Pay Attention To

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Now many party activities organized by companies are outsourced to professional annual dinner companies. But as an evening event organizer, you also need to know some precautions for event planning hong kong, including: venue selection for evening events, catering conditions at event venues, detailed quotations for related materials, etc.

If you want to entrust the catering part of the party to relevant catering outsourcing companies, you can consult the venue and ask them to make some recommendations. These places usually have some carefully selected partners. Also check with the annual dinner company that hosts the event, they will have more resources on this than you know.

Knowing the situation, when these annual dinner companies have other events at the venue, you can go and have a look and talk to the staff on duty to see what is desirable and what is not. If the venue is not recommended, you can consult high-end venues such as reputable rental companies, flower shops, etc. to find out who often provides them with catering services. You will often hear some familiar names.

You have to check the venue with the party planning company. Does the venue layout make sense? Can you accommodate all of the guests? Will a wok or serving plate fit the existing space? Need to provide additional equipment? Need a backup generator? They need a special tent for cooking and prep Food? You may have to apply to the relevant parties if necessary.

Do they have a liquor license? Or should they be given such a license? Do you need to rent tables, chairs and other items for them? What should they offer and what should you offer?

Even if a lot of these things are going to be solved by an annual dinner company, you know how.

You must ensure that you receive a written quotation with details such as menu, quantities, prices, taxes, gratuities, shipping costs, number of employees on site, stated working hours, and the services they are supposed to provide. What should a banquet service company be responsible for? Should they help prepare the food? Or be a waiter or a janitor? Or do they serve, change the buffet table, wipe the table, and wash the dishes?

Determine when they will arrive and where to prepare the food. Should they bring food to the venue after the venue is fully prepared, or should the food be prepared on-site? Should you arrange for parking and unloading for them? Are the staff well-dressed? Are they experienced?

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